How to prepare your home for the rainy season.

2017-10-10 00:00:00.0

We are approaching that time of the year, rainy season. Here are some tips on how to ensure your home doesn’t suffer any damages;

• Secure your roof and check if all your roof tiles are properly positioned.
• Don't wait until water is unexpectedly pouring into your floors; check any signs of leakages or stains on your ceiling.
• Make sure your roof is in good condition - walk around your home's exterior, inspecting the roof from the ground for signs of damage, sagging, and aging.
• Check particularly for loose or missing tiles and for any cracks in the chimney. Missing roof tiles means your roof is directly exposed to adverse weather conditions.
• Hire a professional roofing contractor to patch up any gaps you might find.
• Gutters are an essential part of your roofing system.
• Check the guttering outside your home isn't broken or leaking and clear out any leaves or other debris. This will reduce the risk of blockages during heavy rain, which can cause your guttering to overflow and create problems for your home.
• To reduce the risk of blockages from the roof use tight-fitting wire mesh or plastic caps on the roof downpipe. They allow water through but trap leaves and dirt.
• Check windows and doors to ensure they are sealed properly. For exterior doors use awnings to prevent water from hitting the doors directly.
• Consider the worst case scenario, flooding. Have a plan to store electrical gadgets high up to prevent water damage.
• Know where your electricity fuse box is and turn off power in the event of potential floods.
• Take insurance cover that includes flooding.

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