Mr Gregory Sebborn

 Non-Executive Chairman

 Chartered Accountant (CA) & Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of 

 Zimbabwe (UK) (FCCA)

 Appointed to the Board on 3 October 2014 and Chairman with effect from 28 

 March 2017.

Mr Sebborn is a Chartered Accountant by profession but possesses a wealth of experience in governance and risk management. Greg is the former Managing Director of Zimplats Holdings Limited, a leading Platinum producer in Zimbabwe.

Greg is currently involved in the development of new projects in the mining and energy sectors. He also serves as an independent non-executive Chairman on the boards of listed entities.

Since his appointment to the Board, Gregory has also served on the Bank's Board Audit Committee, Board Risk Committee, Board Loans Review Committee and the Board Credit Committee.


 Ms Pindie Memory Nyandoro

 Non-Executive Director

 Masters of Business Administration Degree

 Majors: Marketing and Finance

 Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree

 Bachelor of Law

 1 April 2002 – ToStandard Bank Group

A banker by profession with a banking career spanning over 20 years with regional and international banking brands. She is currently the Regional Chief Executive for the Southern & Central Africa. She currently sits on the Board of Standard Bank Swaziland, Standard Bank Mozambique, Standard Lesotho Bank, Stanbic Bank Botswana Limited, Standard Bank Namibia Limited, and Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe.

 Mrs Linda Masterson

 Non Executive Director

 Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators (L.C.I.S); Associate member 

 (A.C.I.S.); Fellowship member (F.C.I.S.).

 Appointed on 26 May 2009

 She is currently employed by Edgars Stores Limited as their 

 ManagingDirector/Chief Executive.Linda is the Chairperson of the Board Risk committee, as well as a member of the Board Audit Committee and Board Loans Review Committee.

 Mrs Nellie Farai Raquael Tiyago – Jinjika

 Non-Executive Director

 LLB (Pretoria)

 Appointed 12 April 2017.

 Mrs Tiyago-Jinjika is a Partner at Scanlen and Holderness Legal Practitioner  

 and has been in this position for the last 9 years. In her role as Partner, she  

 specialises in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, tender bids, Mining Lawand Insolvency Law.She is a Registered Legal Practitioner, Conveyancer, Estates Administrator and Intellectual Property Attorney. She has a wealth of experience in litigation in higher courts, drafting contracts and white collar crime.

 Mr Kingston Kamba

 Non-Executive Director

 Higher National Diploma (RGN) (Anglia Polytechnic University), Diploma in 

 Management (Kingston College) Msc Integrated Governance In Health & Social 


 Appointed on 12 April 2017

 Mr Kamba is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of SolGas Private Limited, a local business, specializing in the renewable energy and a registered Power Producer. In addition, Kingston has developed another start-up business, ELEONS (Private) Limited which is a gold mining and milling company.

 Mr Malcolm Lowe

 Non Executive Director

 Appointed on 6 June 2008.

 He is a Banker by profession with over 30 years experience in the  

 Treasury/Global Markets areas. He is currently employed by Standard Bank of 

 South Africa as Director, Global Markets Africa.

 Malcolm is a member of the Board Credit Committee and the Board Risk                                                         Committee.

 Mr Muchakanakirwa Martin Luther Mkanganwi

 Non Executive Director

 BSc Economics (UZ), BSc Accounting Science (UNISA), BSc Accounting             Science (Honours)(UNISA)

 Appointed 12 April 2017.

 Mr Mkanganwi is the Chief Executive Officer of Pulse Pharmaceuticals, a   leading wholesaler for Pharmaceutical products in Zimbabwe, which he       pioneered in 2005.

Prior to this engagement, Mucha served as the Group Chief Executive Officer of CAPS Holdings. At 31 years of age, Mr Mkanganwi was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of CAPS, at a time where it was the largest listed pharmaceutical company and remains the youngest person to have run a listed entity in Zimbabwe. He also serves as Chairman on the Board of Leap Namibia, which is a company which is into clothing manufacturing and retail in Namibia, the Boost Fellowship and has chaired the Zimbabwe Pharmaceutical Wholesalers in the past.

 Mr Valentine Tawanda Mushayakarara

 Non Executive Director

 BSc (Honours) Accounting Science, BSc International Management, BSc   Marketing & Finance

 Appointed 12 April 2017.

 Mr Mushayakarara is the co-owner of Excelsior Farm, where he is responsible   for the Finance and general management of the Farm. He has a wealth of   experience in finance, management, governance and audit.Previously, Mr Mushayakarara was employed as the Executive Finance Director and Interim Chief Executive for Celsys Limited and as an Audit Associate for both Deloitte & Touche Zimbabwe and McGladrey LLC, an international Public Accounting Firm based in New York City. For 4 years, he served Meikles Africa Limited as the Group Treasury Manager and the Group Financial Accountant.

 Mr. Paul Smith

 Non Executive Director

 Bachelor Commerce degree;Certificate in the Theory of Accountancy CA(SA);AMP (Wharton)

 Appointed on 20 October 2010.

 Mr. Paul Smith was appointed to the position of Director – Risk Management of   Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank on 1 June 1997. He consolidated the   risk management disciplines of credit, country, market, liquidity and operational risk before he was appointed to the position of Chief Risk Officer of the Group on 1 November 1999 and was a member of the Group Executive Committee and Group Credit Committee. He has over 8 years of Banking experience. Mr Smith is also a member of the Board Risk Committee.

 Mr Joshua Chance Tapambgwa

 Chief Executive

 Chartered Account (CA)

 Appointed on 1 February 2004

 He is a chartered accountant who has been in the employment of the Bank   since 2002 when he joined the Bank as Head of Finance. In 2005 he was   promoted to the post of Finance Director a post, which he held until the 1st of   January 2008 when he was promoted to Managing Director of the Bank.

 Mr Solomon Nyanhongo

 Chief Finance officer

 Chartered Accountant (CA); Master in Business Administration (Nottingham Trent)

 Appointed on 17 April 2009

 He joined Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe Limited in 2003 as Senior Manager   Finance.He was promoted to the post of Head of Finance in 2007 a post he has held until his promotion to the position of Finance Director in March 2009.

 Mr Rhett Bailey Groves

 Executive Director – Corporate & Investment Banking

 Appointed 30 May 2017

 Rhett has an ACI Dealing Certificate from the Full Value Financial Services   Bureau and a Diploma in Bank Credit Management from Damelin College in   South Africa. He obtained a Diploma in Management from Henley   ManagementCollege in 1997 and went on to pursue a Masters’ in Business   Administration which he completed in 1998. Mr Rhett Groves was recently   appointed the Bank Executive Director responsible for Corporate and Investment Banking. He is a seasoned banker, with a career spanning over 34 years, a period during which he has worked for various institutions in various capacities. A dominant part of his work experience involves management in Global Markets and Treasury.


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